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December 21st, 2014

Stephen Moyer Photos Benefit Brentwood Theatre

We have winners! Simply Moyer recently offered up two autographed photos of Stephen Moyer to help entice his fans to donate some much needed funds to Brentwood Theatre. On Saturday, December 20th, we put everyone’s name in a hat and pulled out two lucky winners.

The Mathew Rolston outtake photo from the Rolling Stone Magazine photoshoot will be going home to Jane, while Michelle looks forward to receiving the Ben Fisher photo. Happy Holiday, Ladies!

We were able to raise $156 for Brentwood Theatre due to some very generous donors. Thank you to everyone who let their Christmas generosity shine by participating in our fundraiser.



I’m going home to England!



Yikes! Cold winters are in my future.


December 19th, 2014

Last Call to Win an Autographed Bill Compton Bust

This is it! The Bill Compton statue that Stephen Moyer so generously autographed for Simply Moyer to auction for a favoured charity is about to end it’s time on the auction block. Come Sunday, December 21st, at 8:30 PM EST, the bidding will end and this very unique autographed item will have a new home. Will it be yours?

This limited edition Bill Compton bust was produced by DC Unlimited in 2010. Best of all, not only did Steve sign the name plate on the figure, but he also autographed the original box you’ll receive Bill Compton in. This special piece of True Blood memorabilia will make a perfect Christmas present to give yourself, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to one of Steve’s favourite charities, the CLARE Foundation.

So, don’t waste any more time and head over to ebay and bid on Bill Compton. Good luck!






Bill Compton statue


Steve autographs

December 19th, 2014

Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin Leave L.A.

The family Emery were spotted in LAX on Thursday, December 18th, leaving California for destinations unknown. Looks like Steve, Anna and the kids may be spending Christmas out of the country this year.

On another note, Steve finished filming Concussion on the 17th of December and it seems he couldn’t shave his beard off quick enough. No matter how attractive we found his facial hair, it’s wonderful to see his chiseled features once again.

Steve leaving LAX for xmas

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December 19th, 2014

Final Call for Chance to Win Autographed Photo of Stephen Moyer!

December 20th is the deadline to enter your name in a drawing for a chance to win an autographed photo of Stephen Moyer! We’re going to give away an autographed photo of Steve to two lucky participants (photo will not be watermarked)! All you’ve got to do is donate as little as £10 to Brentwood Theatre. Not only will it help with the restoration projects for the theatre, it will also help send a child to Brentwood’s Christmas show. Send us proof (forward your confirmation email from to by December 20th) and you’re in the drawing! Easy peasy!

The top photo is from a Ben Fisher photoshoot. The bottom photo is an outtake from the 2010 Matthew Rolston Rolling Stone shoot and to the best of our knowledge, has not been in circulation! The first name drawn will win the Rolling Stone outtake photo, which means the Ben Fisher autographed photo will go to the second name pulled. Remember, deadline to enter the drawing is December 20th.


photo for Brentwood

unseen photo of Steve


If you have the Christmas spirit AND want a chance to own one of these photos just click on the photo below and you’ll be directed to Brentwood’s donation page.


DANNY inside

December 17th, 2014

NBC Will Re-Air The Sound of Music

TOSM promotional photo

There’s no doubt that everyone in Stevedom has already seen The Sound of Music LIVE, but NBC is giving everyone a chance to relive the experience. This Saturday night (December 20th) at 8:00 p.m., NBC will rebroadcast TSOM. Is there any better way to spend your Saturday evening than to have Stephen Moyer belting out Edelweiss? We didn’t think so …


December 15th, 2014

A Family Bike Ride for the Emerys

Holy Hell, we’ve got candids! We haven’t seen Steve around town since late September, almost 3 months we’ve been high and dry … I guess we can consider this an early Christmas present. These pics of the family were taken in Venice on their way to Abbot’s Habit, a trendy coffee shop in Venice, but we can’t be sure when. If we go by what Steve is wearing, it could be December 13th, the same day he and Anna returned a missing wallet Anna found belonging to a man from Pittsburg.

bike ride 3 copy

bike ride 15 copy


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December 14th, 2014

Why CLARE? A Stephen Moyer Interview – Part VI

All good things must come to an end, including Simply Moyer’s interview with Steve. As the majority of Steve’s fans already know, he has been involved in several different charitable endeavors through the years, with various fan sites (including Simply Moyer) taking part in helping to raise money for Steve’s favourite charities. We were particularly intrigued by Steve’s involvement with CLARE and wanted to find out a bit more about it.

Steve at Friends of CLARE Tribute Dinner

Steve at Friends of CLARE Tribute Dinner

Simply Moyer: How did you get involved with CLARE? It’s such a great project.

Steve: Yeah … about five years ago, I had been working with a couple of addict organizations, who work with people on the streets. I’ve been working with people who work with that kind of stuff for 13 years now, which tells you a little something about me. I’ve never spoken about (it), but it’s pretty obvious if you actually look at my history.

So, I was working at the treatment center as a volunteer and one of the things that I specifically liked about CLARE is that it’s for everybody, it’s a non-paying clinic and it’s one of the only places where you can get a bed for free in this town. So we, … as you know, addiction centers and treatment facilities cost anything from 30 to 60 grand a month for an individual, and ours is free. Most of the people who work there are volunteers, there are obviously people on staff, but the money we raise mostly goes to getting a bed. It’s 24 thousand dollars for a bed for a year and when you think that 60 grand is most places a month and ours is one individual for a whole year for 24 thousand dollars … that’s unbelievable. So, that’s what we try and do.

They asked if they could honour me and I don’t really like standing up and doing that kind of thing, but as I said the other night in my speech, I do it for CLARE unless I’m going to get something out of it individually … that’s a joke. I do it for CLARE because it’s important and so when I did that, when I stood up and was the honouree, it’s purely just to raise money. You know, Joe (Manganiello) has come and spoken for me down there before, so when the possibility came to be able to honour Joe this year (I did it). He was incredibly moved by it and we raised about 500 thousand dollars last week, which keeps us running for a long while.

With this final piece, Simply Moyer’s Skype Interview with Stephen Moyer is completed. Steve graciously answered the fan questions that had been gathered for him before bidding adieu. Prior to signing off, Steve also thanked his fans who frequent Simply Moyer, ” … please, thank everyone who reads your website, it means a lot to me. Thank you.”, and then expressed his gratitude for everyone’s continued support. It was obvious that he’s quite excited for future projects that he and Anna will be working on and looks forward to continuing to find new and exciting projects for CASM.

Here is the complete roundup from Simply Moyer’s interview with Steve:

Part I – Fan Questions

Part II – Social Media & WEEV

Part III – Future Projects

Part IV – Concussion & Killing Jesus

Part V – Actor, Writer, Producer, or Director


Since the final interview segment revolved around CLARE, we felt this would be a great opportunity to raise some money for CLARE and offer a unique piece of True Blood memorabilia in the process! Here is your chance to get your hands on a DC Unlimited Bill Compton Mini Bust, signed by Stephen Moyer! And if that’s not enough, Steve signed the box as well! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a special piece of True Blood merchandise, while also supporting one of Steve’s favorite charities! It’s a win-win!

Click HERE to participate in this auction. The auction ends on Sunday, December 21st at 4:30 p.m. EST.






Bill Compton statue




Steve autographs

December 13th, 2014

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer are Good Samaritans

Losing your wallet must be an absolute nightmare, but imagine losing your wallet and having it found by none other than Anna Paquin? That very event seemed to have happened today, but thanks to social media, the wallet was returned to it’s rightful owner! Steve used his twitter account today to put out an all points bulletin that the missus had found a wallet and the owner should tweet them back so they could return it. Here’s how it played out:


tweet1 tweet2 tweet3


And once the wallet was returned, this photo was posted:

Photo Credit: @EmSmartShake

Photo Credit: @EmSmartShake via Twitter


How’s that for a happy ending!

December 10th, 2014

Actor, Director, Producer or Writer?: A Stephen Moyer Interview – Part V

We fell in love with Steve while watching him on the screen in our living room and waited with baited breath for his next acting job. And then we discovered Steve loves to direct and wants to do more of it, and we feared we would never see him in front of the camera again. Recently, we found his name attached to numerous projects as the executive producer. So what can we expect from Steve in the future? Will he stick to acting and performing on stage? Will he disappear from the screen altogether, and we’ll only see his name scrolling down in the credits?

Hopefully, Steve can help answer these questions.

Simply Moyer: We’ve had some conversations between us about some of the roles that you’ve fit into, whether it be executive producer, director, actor. Got a favorite?

Steve: Directing. I’ve wanted to do it all my life. When I was about 14, my Uncle and Auntie were entertainers and my Uncle Tony, I adored and he’s dead now, but when I was about 13 or 14, they were entertainers. They were a double act, him and his wife, and I was round at their house one day, and he said to me, ‘What do you want to do, son, what do you want to do when you’re older? Have you got any ideas yet?’ He knew I sang and stuff in the school choir and I was doing shows. I said, ‘I think I want to be an actor.’ And he said, ‘Yeah. I think you’re a director.’  I said, ‘Oh.’ I didn’t even know what a director was. He said, ‘I saw you walk into the room today.’ Little bossy fucker that I was, you know, I was walking around telling people what they should be doing, moving chairs and arranging shit. And I’ve been doing that all my life. And I love it! And I love photography! You know I always have a camera with me. I’m always shooting. I’m always composing images in my head.

Bossy Fucker

Bossy Fucker


Bossy Fucker

Being a Bossy Fucker again.

Steve: That said, you know, I adore acting. Whenever people ask me this question, especially family and my son and stuff, it’s like … acting’s vocational, you don’t just choose not to do it. It’s like, if you get a couple of bad reviews, you don’t go, ‘Oh fuck it! I’m not going to do it anymore.’, because it’s nothing to do with them, it’s nothing to do with what you think about what I’m doing. I do it because I have to do it. I do it because it’s part of me. I’ve been doing it since I was ten. I don’t know what else to do and it’s not that I don’t want to do other stuff  … I do. But ultimately, I still return to the acting part of it because it’s my … it’s a method of me being.

Simply Moyer: You’re passionate about it.

Steve: Yeah, it sounds wanky, but it’s who I am.

Simply Moyer: Can you picture doing anything else besides acting and directing?

Steve: Yeah, you know, I want to write. Finding the time is tough, but I want to write, and I’ve always done bits and pieces of that. I’m excited about producing. Me and Anna have got a project that may well go the beginning of January that will be me producing and her acting and so, it’s all creative. I’ve written music for plays twenty five years ago, you know, I want to do that. All sorts of things.

Typical Libra

Typical Libra

Simply Moyer: Typical Libra

Steve: Yeah, exactly! It’s absolutely true. One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do, me and my best mate Alan and I used to laugh about it, I’ve always wanted a lathe, I’ve always wanted to turn wood and be a carpenter. I love architecture as well, so I’ve always wanted to build a house and me and Anna are kind of doing that at the moment somewhere, so all those things play into the creativity of making stuff, you know. I love it! I love it! The next thing I’m going to do is build a tree house, so I’m really excited about that. That’s going to be in the next couple of years. I’ve done one already in England, so I’m going to do one out here.

Simply Moyer: Executive producer … what’s it like gathering all that money?

Steve: Fucking frustrating! It’s very, very hard to get it. It’s really, really easy to spend it. And there’s never enough. So you’re always trying to … you know, we’re not in, our skies aren’t in a situation where we are making 150 million dollar projects, and truthfully, it’s not what we want to do. So, everything that we do is in the under 15 million scenario, and mostly under 10 million, truthfully. So, within those budgets you’re always looking at something that is … getting that kind of money is hard. If you attach Leo Dicaprio to something, you’re going to be given 80 million dollars, but it’s not as simple as that. There’s very, very few people who attract that kind of budget. So the stuff that we want to do, which is usually very dramatic or very small, emotional stories about character, without speedboat chases, it’s gonna be under 10 million dollars. That sounds like such a lot of money, but it isn’t, because you’re, you know, it costs you 80 to 100 thousand dollars a day to shoot something, so you’re immediately up against it, trying to create it. So, it sounds fabulous to have all that money, but it’s not my experience so far!

Simply Moyer: So, do you actually enjoy that part of it?

Steve: No, that is not who I am! Cerise, who works for us, who is a joint partner in our company, that’s what she does. I’m interested in story. I found Free Ride, which was our first film, I found that script and took it to Anna. The script that we’re starting in January, if that happens, that is something I found and took it to Anna. So, I love doing that. I love finding that stuff. I love working on that. I love the creative aspect of it. But, the actual finding of the money is, I couldn’t be less interested. I just want people to give us the money and fuck off!



“I just want people to give us the money and fuck off!”

We love this line, so it seems the perfect place to end this segment of our interview. But, first we want to share a few photos of Steve showing how passionate he can be while having a conversation. We know you all love that part of him.


interview photo 4

This Libra knows how to tell a story.

interview photo 3

These are the hands all y’all fell in love with.

Interview photo 2

Warning! Stay clear of flailing hands!

interview photo

If only Steve could reach through the screen.

If you’ve missed the previous installments of our interview with Steve you can catch up.

Part I – Fan Questions
Part II – Social Media and WEEV
Part III – Future Projects
Part IV – Concussion and Killing Jesus

December 6th, 2014

Concussion & Killing Jesus: A Stephen Moyer Interview – Part IV

In ‘Part IV’ of Simply Moyer’s Skype interview with Stephen Moyer, we delve into discussing two specific projects: Killing Jesus, which Steve recently concluded filming in Morocco, and the unnamed NFL Concussion project inspired by the GQ article, Brain Game, which is still filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steve was rather animated when discussing how passionate sports fans are, the frustration of the NFL’s refusal to change the rules of the game, how his job opens him up to unexpected interests (like studying the brain), and sitting around the pool with 36 disciples! But first, how about that beard …


Simply Moyer: You still have your beard … does that mean you’re still filming?

Steve: Yeah. I go back to Pittsburgh in beginning of December and then come back again and then I go in the middle of December.

A discussion ensued about the record breaking snowfall in parts of the northeast, particularly in Buffalo, New York, which had accumulated seven feet of snow in parts of the region …

Steve: It’s so crazy, right? It snowed when we were there [Pittsburgh]. The sun was out and it started snowing. I love snow! As a boy growing up in England who got the occasional bit of snow, you get like two or three days a year in England. We loved it … all of us! We’d go nuts when it snowed! I can imagine living with it. What is it? Eight or 12 feet or something at the moment?

Simply Moyer: What role do you have in Concussion?


Ron Hamilton

Steve: I play this guy called Ron Hamilton, who is the neuropathologist at the University of Pittsburgh. His life’s work is everything to do with the brain and he was Bennet Omalu’s (Will Smith’s character) teacher. So, when the story happened with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and him finding it … he did the autopsy on Mike Webster, who was a famous Pittsburgh Steeler. And he (Omalu) found these things, and ultimately the first person he took them to was Ron, to say, ‘I found this, what do you think this could be?’ Ron sees it, and not giving anything away … he kept going up the food chain and every time they sorta saw what this thing that Bennett had found, they had to go higher and higher and higher and higher.

So, it’s only a small part in the movie, but I was so touched by Pete’s script and how extraordinary it is. Pete’s a friend of mine, Pete Landesman. And he said to me before it was being made, ‘What do you think of this?’ And I thought it was an extraordinary piece of writing. And he offered me two or three bits … characters … and said,  ‘Is there anything you would want to play in here?’ And I sort of was interested in Ron … there was a couple of parts that were bigger, but I was interested in Ron specifically because of the scene that he has with Will (Smith). Which is, just beautiful writing. I’ve always loved that and I’ve always wanted to work with Peter and we’ve tried to work two or three times now. He offered me a part in Parkland that he directed a couple of years ago, but I couldn’t do it. I really want to, but couldn’t at the time because I was working and actually … I think it was shooting when the babies were born. That was the reason I didn’t do it.

We’ve got plans to do stuff together. We love each other and want to work together and this (Concussion) was an opportunity to work with him. Just so happened I got to do some stuff with Will as well.

Simply Moyer: Had you ever heard of CTE and the problems with the NFL?

Steve: No! I knew about it. I’d seen bits and pieces, but I didn’t know about the illness. I didn’t know about the disease. I didn’t know about Bennet Omalu. I didn’t know about how the NFL had tried to quash so much of what was going on. It’s unbelievable.

Simply Moyer: Do you think changing the positions of the players on the line would solve some of the concussion issues? Hitting with the shoulders instead of the heads when they come off of the line?

Steve: That’s right! If they used shoulders instead of heads, right? It’s interesting … as an Englishman I’ve played Rugby and Billy, my son, plays rugby. He’s a fantastic player. He’s the quarterback, we call it the scrum half, but that’s the quarterback. But, the difference is, what I didn’t really realize until I got here and started living in America, was that you can use the head as an offensive weapon. Whereas, in rugby you can’t tackle above the neck … so you can, but you get told off for it. There’s many times as you, as a rugby player, you do it on purpose to intimidate the player. You know, you want to hurt them to make them scared of coming into the tackle with you. But, you can’t … that’s why we don’t wear head gear. You can’t do head on head collisions. It’s shoulder to shoulder. Or when you tackle someone you’re running after them and taking them down like you would in football or you’re running straight into them as they’re running into you and you’re using your shoulder to hit their legs. It’s fucking agony! Fucking hated it when I was growing up.

But, as you sort of live here you start to realize the differences between the games and so I think ultimately what has to happen is that during the line up, during the play and the hut, when they go for each other they have to go shoulder to shoulder. I don’t think it ruins the game, but I think there are some changes that have to be made.

Simply Moyer: Players used to go shoulder to shoulder back in the day when the players wore the leather helmets. The NFL doesn’t seem to be interested in changing anything about the game.

Steve: That’s right. There’s just worries. It’s money isn’t it? They’re just worried about … It’s always money.

There’s an amazing moment in this script, actually I shouldn’t give too much away about it. But, there’s an amazing moment where … it’s like saying to somebody from England or the rest of the world where soccer is so gigantic. It’s like turning around and saying, ‘You can’t play soccer anymore.’ You know, I think there’s like three billion people that play soccer. Can you imagine turning around and going, ‘Okay, Stop! No one deserves to kick the ball anymore!’

Simply Moyer: There would be riots.

Steve: That’s what it would be like for America. Because so much of the American consciousness is steeped around Sundays and football and Monday night football … that is very much a part of the male psyche as well as female. So for me, it actually helped me to understand it a little bit more when I started reading up about it and reading those articles like you were talking about … or seeing Frontline documentaries and bits and pieces about it and the 30s to 30s (ESPN films) that are about football. It’s like anything, the more you know about something, the more fascinating it becomes.

It’s the kinda things I love about my job. You know, I never thought about neuropathology. I’ve never wanted to fucking study the brain. But, as soon as I’m starting to play somebody, I started reading up about Ron, I start reading up about what these guys do, what they spend their lives doing. How they use a microscope, what that involves. And I’m fascinated now.

Simply Moyer: Did you get a chance to talk to Ron Hamilton?

Steve: I did. I spoke to him two or three times on the phone and the next time I go back I’m going to go see him in his laboratory. He’s an Alzheimer’s specialist and I’ve been dealing with a little bit of that in my family, so I’m going to sit down and talk to him about it, which I’m really fascinated to see.

Simply Moyer: Tell us about Killing Jesus and being out in the desert?

Steve: Hilarious! Ouarzazate, where we were shooting, is right on the edge of the Sahara in the middle of nowhere. It’s where they shot some of Cleopatra, where they shot some of Lawrence of Arabia, as well as many, many, many other movies.

Everybody stays in the same hotel, it’s like being at an Equity annual general meeting. Or like a SAG, you know, like walking down the High St. in London and seeing all the people you know that you went to drama school with on a daily basis. One of my best friends is a guy called Iddo Goldberg. He’s over there doing this thing called King Tut and I didn’t know he was there. And he turned up when I walked in and everyone’s in the same hotel. Another great mate of mine, Mike Higgs,  who I’d directed in plays, who played Mercutio when I played Romeo … one of my best, best friends. He was there in another Jesus project playing another disciple. A guy I was at drama school with, Alexander Siddig, he’s there doing King Tut. There’s 36 disciples sitting around the pool at any one time. There’s three Jesus’ at the bar. There’s two Judas’ talking out there about what they did. I’m sitting there talking to another Pontius Pilate. I mean, you couldn’t fucking write it! It’s a film in itself. It was hilarious.

We’re not quite finished! In the next installment, the discussion centers around Steve’s multiple talents of acting, directing, and producing, including which of those is his favorite. And just what exactly does an Executive Producer do? Stay tuned …

December 4th, 2014

Well Wishes From Stephen Moyer

Everyone in Stevedom knows what a terrific sense of humour he has. Earlier this evening, “Mother Moyer” tweeted to the Peter Pan Live Team of Neil Meron, Craig Zadan, Christopher Walken, & Christian Borle well wishes for their live performance tonight on NBC.

Mother Moyer

Mother Moyer


It’s hard to believe that a year ago, we were all waiting with baited breath for Steve’s portrayal as Captain von Trapp. Ariane Rinehart shared this great photo of Steve from last year’s run through for The Sound of Music Live. “Sun’s out, guns out,” indeed!


December 4th, 2014

A Visit to Brentwood Theatre

Clair, who is co-admin of Simply Moyer Fan Fiction, recently visited Brentwood Theatre in Essex and wanted to share her story with us.


Brentwood Theatre 2


On a recent trip to London, my cousin and I took the opportunity to take a short train ride to Brentwood to visit the Brentwood theatre. When we arrived we were greeted by Stephen’s good friend Mark Reed. We chatted to Mark while purchasing a coffee from the coffee bar and after explaining my association with Simply Moyer, I asked him about the fundraising efforts of Steve’s fans in the past that I too had donated to and he offered to show me what they have been able to do thanks to the generosity of all of Steve’s fans. Mark then very kindly gave us a tour of the theatre and talked about some of the shows they had hosted and some that are due to start soon.


clair at Brentwood


I enquired about making a donation and Mark told me about some of the plans they had for the theatre, which included expanding the patio to allow more people to visit, and also to hire a great group of people with special needs that have been helping them with the printing for the theatre. Mark hopes that if they can raise enough money they can provide a space for the group to work for the theatre as the full time printers. Also the theatre helps schools and families see the wonderful shows it puts on when they would not be able to otherwise, which in turn generates income for the theatre. For them to do this they need help and hopefully we can do that.



To give incentive to donate, we’re going to give away an autographed photo of Stephen Moyer to two lucky participants (photo will not be watermarked)! All you’ve got to do is donate as little as £10 to Brentwood. Not only will it help with the aforementioned projects, it will also help send a child to Brentwood’s Christmas show. Send us proof (forward your confirmation email from to by December 20th) and you’re in the drawing! Easy peasy!

The top photo is from a Ben Fisher photoshoot. The bottom photo is an outtake from the 2010 Matthew Rolston Rolling Stone shoot and to the best of our knowledge, has not been in circulation! The first name drawn will win the Rolling Stone outtake photo, which means the Ben Fisher autographed photo will go to the second name pulled. Remember, deadline to enter the drawing is December 20th.


photo for Brentwood

unseen photo of Steve


If you have the Christmas spirit AND want a chance to own one of these photos just click on the photo below and you’ll be directed to Brentwood’s donation page.


DANNY inside

December 1st, 2014

Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin at Universal Studios

Santa’s come a little early, by way of this selfie Stephen Moyer tweeted earlier this evening. Looks like he and the missus spent some ‘kid free’ time at Universal Studios to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

We’re still digging the beard …




November 29th, 2014

Future Projects: A Stephen Moyer Interview – Part III

Since this is a time of Thanksgiving, we’re doubly thankful at Simply Moyer that Steve took time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed. In this installment from last Wednesday’s Skype interview, Steve shares about how busy his production company, CASM has been keeping him, as well as whether he’ll be working with Stan Lee in the future …

CASM films

CASM Films – Ready to break into the market!

Simply Moyer: You’ve been very busy this past month.

We expect Steve to jump right in and  start discussing his filming of “Killing Jesus” and “Concussion”, but instead he jumps into talking about CASM projects. We imagine CASM work is either on his mind or quite likely keeping he and Anna very busy behind the scenes.

Steve: You know, we’ve(CASM) been trying desperately … well not, desperately. We’ve been trying to get some of these projects off the ground. You know, we’ve had our company for six years now and there’s a lot of stuff that we have. There’s one project in particular that we’ve had for the whole time. We keep getting close to doing it and then … not. It’s actually got quite close this year and it’s obviously now going to be next year. That one’s exciting. We get close and then something else happens and another job comes along.

We’ve got a few things that are about to kick off. We’re pitching things to HBO, ‘cuz we now have a development deal with them. I haven’t gotten anything exciting to tell you as of yet, but we’re getting closer and closer.

Simply Moyer: When you pick up a book for enjoyment, in the back of your mind are you wondering  … is this book a future project? Can you pick up a book and just enjoy it?

Steve: Yeah, you can. There’s a moment about fifteen or twenty minutes in where you just go, nah, and then you just read it for fun.

Simply Moyer: You’ve mentioned in the past a possible project with Stan Lee. Is it still happening?

Steve: You know, I thought I might be able to tell you something today, but it’s kind of moved in the opposite direction, and I’m really gutted.

It’s not done. If it’s up to me and Stan, we’d already be shooting. But unfortunately it’s not. It’s a real disappointment, and I’m not giving up on it, but it’s an English thing and it means going back there for six months, which is all very well, but it’s a long time. It’s because of that, that the contract and everything around it … it has to be right to spend that time doing it and …

A number of times during the above conversation Steve was interrupted by ‘Markie’ on matters of importance, including Anna needing to be picked up. It only took seconds and Steve was right back in the mix. Steve generously went over the allotted scheduled time and even gave a reminder to not forget the fan questions we planned on asking.


November 28th, 2014

Bill Compton’s Elephant is Now Home!

It’s time to share the whereabouts of another piece of Bill Compton memorabilia. Last month we showed you where Stephen Moyer’s hard fangs are now living, this month we have a photo of the new home for Bill’s iron elephant.


According to MyStar08:

The elephant was just behind Bill’s desk in his study. I had wanted a Compton house item that had a fair amount of screen time and you saw this whenever Bill was at his desk. I just didn’t realize how heavy it is!

photo copy

Thanks for sharing, MyStar08.

We’d love for you to tell us about the Bill Compton piece you won at auction. Just send us a photo along with a short blurb on where you’re keeping it to and we’ll share it with other Bill and True Blood fans.

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